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Exports Outside Turkey with AZR Textile

According to the World Trade Organization (WTO), Turkey was ranked 27th in the world with its exports of services, which rose 22 percent to 34 billion dollars last year. Germany, which managed to maintain the world export championship title last year, achieved 11 trillion 465 billion dollars of exports with an increase of 11 percent, while China, which is expected to pass Germany this year, reached 17 trillion won and reached 1 trillion 428 billion dollars. Despite the fact that imports are the same, the USA, which can not show the same success in exports, realized exports of 1 trillion 301 billion dollars with an increase of 12 percent. Last year there were 782 billion dollars in Japan, 634 billion dollars in the Netherlands, 609 billion dollars in France, 540 billion dollars in Italy, 477 billion dollars in Belgium, 472 billion dollars in Russia and 458 billion dollars in UK exports to other top 10 countries. Canada 456, South Korea 422, Hong Kong 370, Singapore 338, Saudi Arabia 329, Mexico 292, Spain 268, Taiwan 256, United Arab Emirates 232, Switzerland and Malaysia 200, Brazil 198, Australia 187, Sweden 184, Austria 182 , India 179, Thailand 178, Poland and Norway 168'e, Czech Republic 147 and Indonesia 139 billion dollars in the order of world exports in front of Turkey. The WTO counted $ 17 billion of Hong Kong's $ 370 billion of exports and $ 176 billion of Singapore's $ 338 billion of exports as "net exports".